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Perfect Uninstaller™ Online Support

In this section, we aim to deal with your enquiries within 2 simple steps below; if you can not find your answer from those steps, then you will be offered a few forms to summit problems for our experts' professional advice if required.

Note: The latest version of Perfect Uninstaller™ is V6.3.4.1. To use the latest functions from Perfect Uninstaller, please ensure that you have this latest version installed.

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Step 1 of 2: What's the key reason for your enquiries regarding Perfect Uninstaller™?

Sales & General Enquiries - How to purchase, where to purchase, how to receive the trial version etc.

Registration and License Code - Lost license code? How do I register? What is my license code?

How to Use our Products - How do I clean the registry?

Technical Support - Program errors, infections, malware, help with technical queries.

Step 2 of 2: Choose a General Question for Perfect Uninstaller™

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